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Iowa Doppler Products has ceased operations and is no longer in business.
Our products and services are no longer available. This website is being maintained indefinitely as a courtesy to those interested in the material listed.

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Doppler Probes  Sonomicrometer Transducers Connectors & Proper Use 


Transducer Leads
Finely stranded stainless steel leads offer superior strength and flexibility. Leads are insulated with an extruded jacket of tough transparent non-hygroscopic fluorocarbon (Teflon*). Standard lead length for all Doppler Transducers is 90 cm. Longer leads can be ordered on a custom basis.

Transducers leads are available with the following terminations:

We recommend that you order transducer leads with a bare wire termination and use a connecting cable (Figure O) with alligator clips (AC). Experience has shown that alligator clips make as secure and noise-free connections as mating plugs. Order the appropriate connecting cable for your application.

* Teflon is a registered trademark of DuPont Company.

These products are NOT intended for use on human subjects. 
IDP assumes no liability for their clinical application.
Custom Orders
The listings in this catalog indicate stock products. Please call us--or send e-mail--for pricing and availability on sizes and configurations not listed in the catalog. We will gladly make transducers to your specifications (other sizes, frequencies etc.). We will work with you to develop custom designs to suit your unique needs.

IDP transducers are hand crafted from high quality materials. With proper handling, they will function well for repeated applications. However, rough handling, use of metal forceps for implantation, or nicking wires during removal will impair the probes for further use.

Our goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Please call us with your questions, concerns or comments about our products.

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Last updated December 13, 2018