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Iowa Doppler Products has ceased operations and is no longer in business.
Our products and services are no longer available. This website is being maintained indefinitely as a courtesy to those interested in the material listed.
Suction-On Transducers
Models A-C
The cup body of these transducers is molded of silicone. The vacuum line is made of silastic tubing 40 cm long and terminates in a standard luer female hub. Under a light vacuum the units pull down onto a blood vessel. The piezoelectric crystal is approximately 1 mm diameter and mounted at a 45-degree angle. The active surface faces left as you stand at the lead side looking at the cup as it is applied to the vessel. The crystal is encased in medical grade epoxy with an epoxy lens.
Model A
Cup diameter: 26 mm
Vacuum: 0.8 mm silastic tubing, approx. 10 mm Hg vacuum required
Application: Used for monitoring aortic occlusions and for reactive hyperemia. This size is meant for large animals such as horses, sheep, cattle, large dogs etc.

Model B
Cup diameter: 7 mm
Vacuum: 0.8 mm silastic tubing, approx. 7 mm Hg vacuum required
Application: Used during surgery to determine patency of carotid arteries and to record the reactive hyperemic response of the coronary circulation.

Model C
Cup diameter: 3 mm
Vacuum: 0.5 mm silastic tubing, approx. 3 mm Hg vacuum required
Application: This is the smallest, lightest vacuum probe available. It is used on small animals to check for arterial patency or for determination of the reactive curve. Typical applications include cat carotid and coronary and rat carotid and coronary.

 Frequency Choices
Base Price
  5 or 10 or 20
   5 or 10 or 20
   5 or 10 or 20
Connector Type
N (none)
3 F (3-pin Female) 
4 F (4-pin Female) 
4 M (4-pin Male) 

These products are NOT intended for use on human subjects. 
IDP assumes no liability for their clinical application.

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